Lessons From the Birds

Last week I Tweeted about a bidding war between a robin (there has to be a joke in there somewhere) and a little grey bird over this:


It’s a birdhouse for a robin that my father-in-law built for us. It has been in the corner of our deck for several years. Each year a robin has constructed a nest and allowed us to view from our living room the development of the babies.

In my Tweet (I’m still resisting the obvious joke) I said I was betting a case of worms that the robin would win.

  • It had squatter rights.
  • It was bigger.
  • It had defiant body (bird?) language

After a few days of bidding this is what happened:


Yes, I hear your aaaahhhh. What a solution. It works for everyone.

There’s a lesson here for us:

  • I may have been here first but I can help you.
  • I may be bigger than you but I can help you.
  • We may be different colours but that doesn’t matter.
  • We can live in harmony.
  • You watch my kids while I worm hunt and I’ll watch yours when you worm hunt.
  • Double Decker anything (sandwiches, cake, buses, nests) are fun.
  • Smile. Here comes the crazy human with the camera again.

Share your thoughts.

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6 Responses to Lessons From the Birds

  1. Angela Sim says:

    Now I know why you didn’t want us to see anything first! And I am sure you heard my “Aaaaahhh” all the way from Orleans! And then I scrolled down and you had heard me! Very cute, Suzanne and what at great lesson for all of us! Thank you.

  2. Dawn Stewart says:

    Love this! Looks like your family is growing. 😉 Hope to meet them all in June.

  3. This is for the bird—lovers!
    A bird in the house is worth two in the bush.
    Birds of a feather…live together.
    The early bird gets the word.
    Singing like a bird…smile, Heather

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