What Etiquette Consultants Do When They Finally Meet

A couple of years ago I guest blogged for my dear friend and colleague, Karen Hickman, of Professional Courtesy about our cross-border friendship. At the end of the piece people were surprised to learn that after several years of friendship, laughing together, working together, crying together, having lunches and dinners together and countless cups of tea, we had never met in person. Skype is wonderful but just isn’t true face-to-face.

Earlier this month life took my husband and me south of the border. It was only natural to include a stopover with Karen. So, what do Etiquette Consultants do when they finally meet?


  • Hug.

  • Talk nonstop for days.

  • Enjoy face-to-face lunch and dinner.

  • Exchange ideas, compare notes, discuss future workshops.

  • Share favourite etiquette books and compare libraries and resources

  • More lunches and dinners

  • Late night movies when we should have been catching up on sleep

  • Justifying those late night period pieces by discussing protocol of the era

  • Sight seeing. Fort Wayne has a charming art gallery with a compelling gift shop.

  • Collaborate on projects (stay tuned)



  • Indulge in chocolate

This meeting took effort and coordination of schedules. How many times do people say to each other, “Let’s have lunch.”, “Let’s get together sometime”, “I’ll call you”, “We should make a point of working on that together”? How often does it happen? How often do we make it happen? True friends are a blessing. Life is short. Make it happen.P1000053 ac_1

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14 Responses to What Etiquette Consultants Do When They Finally Meet

  1. Congratulations Suzanne and Karen for getting yourselves together.
    “I’m glad I did.” makes more memories than, “I wish I had.”

  2. karenhickman says:

    Suzanne, thank you for writing so beautifully about our friendship. It is something I treasure and something that has enriched my life. I see many more “get togethers” in our future.

  3. Suzanne, I’m so glad you and Karen FINALLY got to meet in person. And it’s nice to know that I was responsible for putting the two of you together in the first place!

  4. Ron Scott says:

    Hmmm…..black sandals, black pants, black purses, almost same sunglasses, same hair colour…looks like etiquette consultants really do think alike….Scarey (but fun, right) !!!!!!

  5. How wonderful Karen and Suzanne. I had the same privilege after spending quality time on the phone with my peer, and now dear friend, Diane Gottsman of Protocol School of Texas when she visit San Diego a while back. Brunch at the “Del” in Coronado was a great time of sharing. I also had the same opportunity when Bethany Miller of Doors of Success visited San Diego….I guess I’m lucky to have a “destination paradise”! Maybe we’ll meet some day! 🙂

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