The Thankful Table

This weekend we once again had the joy of a family visit. The family of three children now includes a toddler. Ask me if I’m tired. Ask me if I enjoyed every second. A resounding YES to both. The tradition we started with the children continues. I was reminded of this earlier blog post as the children automatically reached out to others and called out to go first. Here it is:

Every summer we have the pleasure of hosting relatives. We brace ourselves for the invasion of three small children but are always sad to see them leave.

We eat as many meals as possible outside (I let the chipmunks do the vacuuming!). The first summer visit I tried the thankfuls. We all joined hands and one at a time we expressed one thing for which we were thankful.  At the first meal there were some shy mumbles.  Good experiment I thought, but I won’t try that again.  Well, that evening as we sat for another outdoor meal, the oldest child piped up with “Can I go first?”.  He had his thankful ready and the others followed.

Several years later the thankfuls are a regular part of our meals.  This past Canada Day weekend as we sat outside for our first meal together the little hands automatically reached out to their seat mates.  We now have to rotate who starts the thankfuls.

I am struck every year by the simplicity of the thankfuls. Even the adults are expressing gratitude for a sunny day, time with family, sharing food, getting to know each other better, laughter.  No mention of flashy cars or designer clothes – just the important things in life.

What would you mention at my thankful table?

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6 Responses to The Thankful Table

  1. Angela Sim says:

    I would add “the good health of my loved ones.”

  2. karenhickman says:

    I love this, Suzanne. Those children will remember the “thankfuls” all of their lives. What a lovely tradition.

  3. Heather Walker says:


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