Smiles for My Dental Office

Yesterday was not the highlight of my week. On my way to a routine dental appointment at Carlingwood Dental Centre my vehicle died. Stopped. In. Four. Lanes. Of. Traffic. I coasted to the side of the road, asked it nicely to restart when I turned the key, kicked the tires, and resigned myself to calling The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

CAA was my first call. My dental office was my next call. I had to cancel half an hour before my appointment. Laura on the front desk was understanding and seemed genuinely concerned that I was fine. Once home I called again and rescheduled for card1

Lisa, my wonderful hygienist of several years, would have been within her office policy to charge me for my missed appointment. I had not given the 24 hours notice that is standard print on all medical/dental appointment cards. Mine actually states “There will be no charge for missed appointments providing 24 hour notice is given.” I missed that deadline by 23 and a half card2

Today she greeted me with “What happened? I know it’s not like you to miss an appointment.” When I explained she simply said “These things happen. How’s your car?”

There were no extra charges and I wasn’t made to feel that I’d inconvenienced her. Now that’s customer service. I do think she enjoyed chastising me about flossing though!

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2 Responses to Smiles for My Dental Office

  1. karenhickman says:

    Obviously, they value their patients and that is probably one of the reasons you continue to go there for your dental care. Love it!

    • Absolutely Karen. They were understanding just as I would be if they had a dental emergency and kept me waiting.
      It’s also a perfect example of giving staff the authority to make decisions.

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