Honking Teamwork

While joining my young rakers a few weeks ago. I paused to watch a flock of geese flying overhead. OK, I was looking for a  IMG_1395_1reason to stop raking but the geese were truly inspiring. Honking examples of teamwork.

  • They flew in formation. Each understood its place.
  • They followed the leader.
  • The strongest were at the front and dealt with the full force of the wind.
  • The weaker and younger ones were drafting.
  • As the leader became tired a more rested bird advanced to replace it.
  • The leader knew when to rest and let another lead.
  • It sounded like they were in constant communication

A few posts ago I wrote about what we can learn from penguins.

I think we can learn much from watching a V of geese also. If not, it’s a lovely, honking distraction from raking.IMG_1397_2

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8 Responses to Honking Teamwork

  1. karenhickman says:

    Maybe we all need to pay attention to the animal kingdom on many levels. They do seem to have some things figured out that are difficult for us humans. Loved the post, Suzanne.

  2. Karen Hull says:

    I’m listening and heading south too. This leader is falling back for a much needed rest. Great picture Suzanne, the rakers came back after last year you must make it fun. Cheers,Karen.

  3. Katherine says:

    such a great post about what we can learn from wildlife! : )

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