Don’t Be a Kitchen Lurker

At a recent holiday party I noticed that a couple of guests never emerged from the kitchen. They either had their hands in a sink of soapy water, keeping the dishes under control, or were rearranging food on platters. The party was well under way in the living room.

I was reminded of an earlier blog post where I urged hosts to get out of the kitchen. Stop hiding. Spend as much time as you can with your guests. The same escape and hide tactic is used by some guests. If they make themselves busy and useful in the kitchen then they won’t have to socialize with the other guests.

Guests, like hosts, have responsibilities:

  • If the host can’t introduce them to other guests then they introduce themselves (yes, to strangers).

  • They engage in conversation with other guests. Mingle.

  • If the host refuses help then get out of the kitchen. Don’t linger looking for something to do.

  • Be pleasant, even if they’re having a bad day.

We all know kitchen lurkers, maybe have even lurked in a kitchen ourselves. Remember, a good guest offers and is willing to assist the host, but the most gracious thing to do is to be a friendly guest and mingle. Don’t hide, convincing yourself you’re being helpful. Don’t be a kitchen lurker.

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2 Responses to Don’t Be a Kitchen Lurker

  1. Ron Scott says:

    Hmmmm! You’re right! Hadn’t thought about it from that perspective, but yes…I’ve seen that happen. Good to be aware of…thank you.

    • Yes, these people convince themselves they are helping the host, whereas, many times, they are avoiding socializing. Hosts do it too. For some it is safer in the kitchen than mingling.
      Thanks for your comments Ron.

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