Days for Girls

I belong to a volunteer organization, Days for Girls. It’s about….well, before the details let me warn you I’m going to be talking about feminine hygiene products.

Are you still reading? Great! Did you know:

  • the main reason girls in developing countries quit school is due to lack of feminine hygiene products

  • when a girl drops out of school she is then enrolled in a life of poverty

  • thousands of girls and women risk infection by using whatever is available (leaves, husks, stones, newspaper) for hygiene

  • when a woman is forced to miss five days a month from her job she lacks the money to feed her children

  • girls often sell themselves in order to buy hygiene products

I could keep going but that is enough to get most people thinking. A common response is “I’ve never thought of it before.” But most of us have never had to think of it before. Most of us live within a few kilometres of a drug store and have a purse full of credit cards.

The volunteers at Days for Girls chapters purchase the appropriate fabrics (or gratefully accept donations), trace and cut the official patterns, and sew the kits according to specific instructions.IMG_0700uca_3

Often I cut and sew alone:


Sometimes with my long time friend:


Sometime with a group of volunteers at a hall:


Sometimes we have supervision:


The kits are washable and usually last a girl three years. That means:

  • dignity

  • health

  • continuing school

  • continuing work

  • health education

  • did I mention dignity?

These things can’t be measured. They change lives. They can change the world.

“Every girl. Everywhere. Period.”

Check out the Days for Girls International site.

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4 Responses to Days for Girls

  1. karenhickman says:

    Suzanne, thank you for enlightening us on the challenges that some people face. It is so easy to assume everyone in the world has what we have.

  2. Dawn says:

    How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this Suzanne. I’m checking this out right now!

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