Glad You’re Good

Over the years I’ve mentioned the erosion of polite terms, specifically you’re welcome. Quite often the response I hear to someone’s gracious thank you is no problem or no worries. These expressions only diminish the other person’s thank you. Oh, was it supposed to have been a problem for the waiter to bring more water? Glad that was brought to my attention.

When asking guests if they would like more _________ I’m often answered with I’m good. What goes through my mind (even though I would never say it) is I’m glad you’re good but would you like more______.

  • The polite response to thank you is you’re welcome or the even more gracious my pleasure.

  • The polite response to would you like more_____ is either yes please or no thank you.

Other responses diminish the politeness that was offered. If we continue to whittle away at our politeness what will we have?yes please, no thanks

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5 Responses to Glad You’re Good

  1. karenhickman says:

    This is such good advice, Suzanne. The “no problem” seems to be the response of the day. However, I do see some companies making an effort and requiring their workers to respond appropriately. Maybe things will change.

  2. Alessandro says:

    I’m very happy you shared this post.

    When I moved to Canada I was told that answer “no, thank you” was rude and a better way to answer this is “I’m fine thank you”.
    At the time I was very new to a new culture and I welcomed this advice as a good thing even if it was not too logic to me. I’m happy recognize now that there is a “more” correct way to reply. Thank you Suzanne as usual for your precious suggestions. … I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Alessandro.
      I have noticed that more and more people are using these phrases and, of course, new Canadians will start to use them too.
      I always appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  3. Suzanne that was awesome! Nice little chunk not only for myself, but to pass on to my ten year old daughter, heck, I’m gonna share that with everyone I know 🙂

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