Ten Tips for Waitstaff

Waiter taking an orderAfter listening to yet another server ask me “Ya done?”, I’ve decided to post a few waitstaff, please don’t ever say these tips:

  • You guys ready to order? Or any statement or question that has the word guys.

  • Awesome. The fact that I ordered the seafood penne is not awesome. It would be awesome if I ordered it in Mandarin!

  • Good choice. Yikes, glad I didn’t order the chicken. Would that have been a poor choice?

  • Ya done? Replace it with may I take your plate?

  • Telling today’s specials without mentioning the price. Many customers are reluctant (fear of appearing cheap?) to ask the price. Simply state the price with the description of the dish.

  • How’s everything here before I’ve had a bite. It reeks of insincerity; just another item to check off the customer list.

  • No problem or no worries as a response to thank you. Hmmmm….hadn’t thought it might have been a problem. You’re welcome or my pleasure are appropriate responses to someone’s thanks.

And a couple of non verbal annoyances to avoid:

  • Clearing one person’s plate while others are still eating. Everyone else feels rushed.

  • After requesting the bill, waiting a loooooong time. Customers begin to feel that, now that they have obviously ordered (spent) all they intend to, that they’re no longer important.

  • Scraping plates within my sight. Disgusting. Just lost my appetite.

I realize that the job of waitstaff is difficult. (I did it for a short time in England. My feet still ache when I think about it.) Customers are not always nice. Customers can be demanding and unreasonable. Waitstaff work hard for frequently less than minimum wage and tips are uncertain. Still, no reason to be less than professional.

Professional waitstaff can make a restaurant meal a must return event or quite the opposite.

As always, we appreciate your comments.

Tips for customers coming soon.

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2 Responses to Ten Tips for Waitstaff

  1. karenhickman says:

    Very good advice, Suzanne. I would also add…don’t refer to patrons with endearing terms, like “honey” or “dear”, etc.

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