Things That Made Me Smile This Week

I looked at the things that made me smile this week:

  • An elderly lady grocery shopping with the assistance of her daughter. The octogenarian was wearing a red and white top hat with HO HO HO printed around the band. To top if off, she had reindeer antlers attached to the handles of her walker.

  • In long check-out line a small child was on the verge smiley_face_clip_art_20340of a melt down. His father removed the child’s knitted hat (complete with floppy ears and a furry mane) and perched it on his own head. Squeals of laughter and melt down averted.

  • In a crowded parking lot with cars prowling for a vacant spot a man jumped from his car to direct another driver from their tight parking spot.

  • Driving along the expressway not far from my home I spotted a fir tree growing over the fence near the edge of the road. It was covered in red Christmas balls.

  • Tea with a friend.

  • Opening my mailbox to find a Christmas card from a dear friend with words that warmed my heart.

  • A surprise bottle of wine left by a neighbour.

  • An eleven day old baby having their first picture taken with Santa.

“Tis the season to be jolly. Well, not everyone seems to of that mindset. It’s also a time when many are stressed, overworked, and overtired. But when we really look at things, it’s the little things that make us smile. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

What made you smile this week? And more importantly, who did you make smile?

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4 Responses to Things That Made Me Smile This Week

  1. Loooooong line-ups at Costco. Grumpy shoppers. Costco employee did not lose her cool, “Merry Christmas” was her reply to every single Scrooge growl.

    Teensy weensy line-up at Buffalo (clothing) store at Metrotown. The gracious staff apologized (no less than 6 times) for the fact their 2nd register was out of order.

    Made-me-smile moment. Dad not paying attention and is busy texting on his phone while 3-year old-ish daughter has reached over and is happily consuming a (big) chocolate bar she has hand picked from the “impulse” aisle.

    Sharing my Christmas smiles with you. Heather

  2. Ron Scott says:

    Things that made me smile this week…
    1. Watching the excitement of grandchildren on a scavenger hunt for a Christmas gift.
    2. Beautiful Christmas memories of times in the past.
    3. A hand to hold.
    4. Cards received.
    5. Singing, and listening to beautiful Christmas carols.
    6. Reflecting on my many blessings including family, friends, freedoms, and yes…material things.
    7. Preparing, and enjoying a wonderful Christmas dinner with a son and family.
    8. PLUS more…more….more.

    Yes, a smile and the peace that comes with it are wonderful, and should not be taken for granted.

    Thanks…. LUV……RON

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