Every Day Is a Special Day

Last week I was setting the table in preparation for my book club dinner. A spring dining table called for my mother’s silver flatware. She knew how much I loved handling the silver knives and forks as a child so passed them on to me.

I haven’t used them in a while so was struck again by the cartoon message she had tucked away in the corner of the box.silverware cartoon

It reminded me of a blog post I wrote five years ago, Use the Good Dishes. Now, because of a yellowed cartoon I’m adding, use the good flatware too. Every day is a special day. Thanks for the reminder, Mum.

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4 Responses to Every Day Is a Special Day

  1. karenhickman says:

    So true, Suzanne. Using the good stuff makes everyone feel special.

  2. Hi Suzanne, hope you are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog posts.

    Today’s post inspired me to put the following on FB: “Dust off your good china and use it. Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.”

    Take care and happy spring!


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