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Lest We Forget

This Remembrance Day Canada Bereft, part of the Vimy Memorial, reminds us of the sacrifices that have been made for freedom. You’ll always be my hero Dad. Miss you.

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Backwards Dinner

For several years I have wanted to create a backwards dinner for my visiting nieces and nephews. That is, a main course that looks like dessert, and dessert that looks like a main course. Channelling my inner child? I’ve put … Continue reading

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Flip-Flops Are Not Shoes

When giving Business Etiquette workshops I’m often asked to touch on the topic of attire. I have a quick list of things that a professional would and wouldn’t wear. When I mention flip-flops (when I was growing up we called … Continue reading

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Tipping. Do You Have To?

On a recent vacation in Central America we returned to our hotel just as a large group was checking in. I overheard a woman loudly proclaim, “I don’t tip anyone. They get paid for what they do.” Wince. The ugly … Continue reading

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Every Day Is a Special Day

Last week I was setting the table in preparation for my book club dinner. A spring dining table called for my mother’s silver flatware. She knew how much I loved handling the silver knives and forks as a child so … Continue reading

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I’m going to come right out and say it: I think selfies are silly. There. I said it out loud. I feel justified in saying it after Prince Harry told a group of admiring onlookers in Australia “…selfies are bad. … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons I Love My Friends

Many of us have a handful of people in our lives who are dear to us. They make us smile, let us cry, and give us a virtual slap when we need it. Like most of you, mine is comprised … Continue reading

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