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Ten Reasons I Love My Friends

Many of us have a handful of people in our lives who are dear to us. They make us smile, let us cry, and give us a virtual slap when we need it. Like most of you, mine is comprised … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Go Out of Style

I was watching my great-nephew play the other weekend. He has a box full of battery operated trucks, a DS, and the latest action figures from which to choose. What was he doing? Building airplanes with these: Yes, TinkerToy. Remember … Continue reading

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Be Nice to the Gym Newbies

This post was triggered by a comment from a toned, five- year- gym -attending friend. A couple of days into January she commented, ”Parking was awful at the gym today and I had to wait for an elliptical. It’s all … Continue reading

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Things That Made Me Smile This Week

I looked at the things that made me smile this week: An elderly lady grocery shopping with the assistance of her daughter. The octogenarian was wearing a red and white top hat with HO HO HO printed around the band. … Continue reading

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My Neighbour’s Cousin’s Father-In-Law Has the Same Thing

A few years has passed since a loved one had a heart attack and open heart surgery. It was an extremely anxious and stressful time. After daily hospital visits I would either phone or email friends and relatives with the … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

It’s November 11th again. For Canadians, this November 11th, Remembrance Day, is even more poignant. Recent tragic and horrific events took place at the very spot many of us are gathering, as we do every year, to honour those, past … Continue reading

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Things Aren’t Always As Easy As They Seem

Things aren’t always what they seem or not always as easy as it sounds. A few months ago I received a Serger sewing machine. The accompanying CD was intended to demonstrate how to thread the four needles. Head twisted sideways … Continue reading

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